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Address: 295 West 1230 North, Provo (also in Orem)
Phone: (801) 812-2200
Tab: $10.75
Ordered: 2 french toast breakfasts

DAN: I absolutely, positively LOVE the all you can eat french toast at Kneaders. Seriously, if you have not gone there, you just have to. The bread is extra thick and has swirls of cinnamon in it. It comes with a perfect golden syrup, fresh, thick cream and some strawberries. You get two thick slices…plus it is all you can eat! Go back to the counter as often as you would like for more! It simply cannot be beat! I don’t know what else Kneaders does or if it is at all good, but I would give this breakfast more than five stars if this ratings plugin would let me.

My Rating: ★★★★★ 

MICHELE: BEST. FRENCH. TOAST. EVER. If you’ve lived in Utah County long, then this is probably no secret to you. I have to tell you, Dan and I were craving their french toast one Saturday morning so we jumped in the car, in our pajamas, in a rush to get there before 11:00 am (that’s when they stop serving breakfast). That’s how much we love this stuff. We ended up going through the drive through and I’ll be honest, we did have a little bit of a wait. But I realized, with french toast this good, a wait is to be expected. Which is why I am also giving them 5 stars! Woo hoo! Welcome to the Dine Out Duo’s Top Picks, Kneaders, you deserve it! Dan mentioned that he has never tried anything else of theirs, but I have and it was also awesome. I had a delicious turkey sandwich once and I’m not talking thin sliced lunch meat turkey, I’m talking chunks of Thanksgiving turkey- so good! They’ve also got great desserts. Now they just need to work on more seating in their quaint location…

My Rating: ★★★★★