We have been married since August of 2008. We are both graduates of Brigham Young University and now live in St. George, Utah. We love to eat out each weekend (sometimes more) and love trying new things. In fact, our very first date was to a restaurant neither of us had ever tried and we’ve been trying new restaurants ever since!

Dan is a professional Internet marketing guru, a recreational musician and an avid sports enthusiast. Michele loves to make crafts, cook and has an eye for interior design. We are TV junkies and will watch almost any reality TV, but Survivor is still our favorite show to watch together. We also try to work out and keep in shape- especially after all the eating out we do!

And if you are still dying to know more about us, here are a few more facts…

Dan’s favorite restaurants are: Olive Garden, Outback & Bishop’s
Michele’s favorite restaurants are: Chilis, Goodwood BBQ, & Red Robin

Dan’s least favorite food: peanut butter & chocolate together… he’ll eat them separately though
Michele’s least favorite food: peppers & onions (she picks them off of everything)

Favorite date we’ve been on: Disneyland! Ok… that was really our Honeymoon :)

Where we got married: Palmyra, NY

Dan’s favorite movie: Lord of the Rings
Michele’s favorite movie: Most any chick flick

Other favorite date places: Nickel City, Trafalga Mini Golf, Dollar theater, Disc golf courses (none in St. George though), the Mall

Favorite game: Bohnanza (best card game ever) & Wii

Hometowns: Dan- San Jose, CA & Michele- Centerville, UT

Do we have any kids? Not yet…

Religion? LDS

Why we created Dine Out Duo? We figured we’ve tried so many restaurants we might as well share what we think with other people and save them from bad food. It’s also something fun for us to do together.

See… don’t you feel like you know us so well now?